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Tendon Care

Horse Victory

Tendon Care

65.000 KD

SKU TE-S-H-05443

High quality nutritional supplement for solving problems with tendons, muscles and ligaments and best support for rehabilitation.

Tendons are extensions of muscles. As tough bands of fibrous connective tissue that usually connects muscle to bone, they resemble tough elastic chords. Tendons contain nerve endings and blood cells. One end extends from muscle tissue and the other end grows from the bone structure. Tendon Care is a very high value nutritional supplement containing Hyaluronic acid, Vitamin C and MSM as vital support pillars for speedy recuperation from injured tendons, muscles and ligaments. Tendon Care is used as a preventative measure in addition to the classical treatment by your veterinary surgeon, can reduce recovery time and improve the structure of the tendon.


  • Pot: nett weight 3 kg
  • 30 gm per horse per day

Medication instructions

  • per horse, once per day, add 30 gm using a measuring spoon, mixed with fodder
  • 100 days treatment course