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Strike Deworming Paste


Strike Deworming Paste

7.250 KD

SKU ST-M-A-05405

Strike Oral Paste is an excellent dewormer to combat intestinal worms in horses. Strike is composed of Pyrantel Pamoato, an active ingredient that eliminates the main intestinal worms in horses. The vermicide is effective for horse infestations by large and small Strongyles and Tapeworms. The dewormer can be used in all stages of pregnancy, lactation and during weaning.

Dosage & Administration

  • Infestations sustained by large and small strongyles: Administer  a single treatment 5 g of oral paste per 100 kg of equine weight.  
  • Infestations caused by tapeworms (TENIE): Administer a single treatment of 10g of oral paste per 100 kg of equine weight.