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Prime Performance


21.000 KD

SKU SA-1-S-P-05399
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“Palatable Source of Psyllium”

99% high grade soluble fiber-rich psyllium in a palatable blend to be fed in the presence of compaction due to sand ingestion.

Sand Colic refers to pain in the abdomen or pain in the belly caused by compaction due to sand ingestion. Prevention: Always provide clean water, keep your horse’s diet consisten and feed at leat 60% of his diet (by weight) as roughage (hay or pasture). High-grain diets increase colic risk by three to four times. Maintain a regular feeding schedule, feed good quality hay, use feeding systems that minimize eating directly off the ground. Feed psyllium products for five to seven consecutive days each month to remove dirt and sand through the bowel if sand colic is a problem in your area. Psyllium is a natural soluble fiber derived from the husks of a seed grain. It absorbs liquid in the intestines and swells to rid the animal of compactions caused by ingested sand and foreign matter.

Feeding Directions:
4 oz. (112 gm) daily for 21 days in the presence of compaction.
Maintenance – Feed 4 oz. (112 gm) daily for 7 days repeating every three weeks
(enclosed measure approx. 1 oz/ 28 gm)