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First Aid Propolis-Gel


First Aid Propolis-Gel

8.500 KD

SKU FI-3-S-L-03159
350 ml

Natural Active Ingredients from the Beehive. 

Bees make propolis, a natural substance which contains vitamins, resins, trace elements in order to protect the beehive from diseases with this natural antibiotic. The essential oils and resinous components of Propolis have an antibacterial effect and support wound healing. Propolis Gel naturally helps with abscesses, eczema, insect bites, minor skin injuries, and tears. The natural active ingredients from the beehive improve the protective function of the skin. It nourishes, soothes and keeps the skin supple. Application of Propolis Gel is also helpful for girth and saddle areas having to endure saddle and cinch pressure and good on the chest and legs.