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100.000 KD

SKU P--M-B-05986


P4-300® is a long-acting natural progesterone indicated for equine females in the preparation of acyclic embryo recipients or for pregnancy maintenance.


Each 1 mL contains:

Progesterone. .................... .....300 mg

Vehicle q.s.p................. ........ ...........1 mL

Method of use and dosage

Apply deep intramuscularly 5 mL (1,500 mg) every 7 days or 10 mL (3,000 mg) every 14 days for pregnancy maintenance.

Interval between doses and duration of treatment

Usually its administration is done every 7 days, when using 5 mL of the product and every 14 days when using 10 mL. This protocol can be modified at the discretion of the Veterinarian. In cases where the product is used to maintain pregnancy in acyclic mares, reapplications up to 120 days pregnant are recommended.

Route and form of administration

Product for injection only by deep intramuscular route.

Contraindication and limitation of use

The product should not be used in prepubertal animals. Use within the expiration date. Do not apply to animals that are hypersensitive to any of the components of the product.