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Horse Victory


30.000 KD

SKU P--S-H-04770

Many plants, such as Boswellia, Ananas Comosus, Salix Alba, Ribus nigrum Urtica dioica Zingiber officionale Rosc, Humulus lupulus and Viola Tricolor, render P-Solution the most powerful painkiller in the world, in addition to acting as a very effective antioxidant. P-Solution is frequently administered to sport horses in order to promote optimal performance by masking minor discomforts, allowing the horse’s feeling of superb wellbeing to dominate. P-Solution is often used by equestrians in combination with Care Sport and Lacta Sport Performance to achieve the most optimal performance.


  • Pot: net weight 450 gm

Medication instructions:

  • The recommended dosage per horse is to add 30 gm using a measuring spoon and mix with the fodder the evening before, and repeat this 30 gm dosage three-four hours before the veterinary inspection
  • treatment course lasting 15 days