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Nanut Foal Milk


Nanut Foal Milk

24.000 KD

SKU NA-5-S-A-05411


Formulated according to the most current dietary criteria: very high digestibility, moderate lactose and protein content to limit the risk of bacterial enteritis, high intake of essential amino acids to ensure correct growth, powerful emulsifiers to promote the digestion of fats, rehydrators to combat dehydration of the foal. To be used in cases of low production of breast milk, in orphaned foals and in case of neonatal haemolytic anemia. To supplement or replace mother's milk in the feeding of the newborn foal in case of: mare's agalactia, production of unhealthy milk, haemolytic jaundice from lactation. To increase the energy intake of the ration of sick foals. To facilitate weaning. To weaned foals and to adult horses, nanut can be given as a powder mixed with the usual food to improve the state of nutrition. In this case, dose in the ratio of 100-1000 g per day according to the weight and nutrition status of the subjects.


Dissolve 100 g of nanut powder per 1.5 liters of hot water. Mix vigorously to obtain a perfect solution to be administered lukewarm from the first day of life after taking the colostrum. Under physiological conditions, the newborn foal takes milk in the ratio of 20% of its weight. Sick foals may have energy needs increased by up to 100%, for example in the case of generalized sepsis, surgery, thermal stress, diarrhea; in these situations it is essential to intervene with parenteral nutrition in support of that based on nanut foal. The following average dosages refer to foals belonging to normal-sized breeds weighing 50 kg at birth that develop according to physiological growth in the absence of pathologies. Higher nutritional needs must be met by increasing the frequency of feedings rather than the amount of milk at each feed.

  • Foal age: 0-3 days; No. meals / day: 12; milk powder / meal (g): 50; reconstituted milk / meal (ml): 450; reconstituted milk / day (liters): 5.4
  • Foal age: 4 days; No. meals / day: 10; milk powder / meal (g): 100; reconstituted milk / meal (ml): 900; reconstituted milk / day (liters): 9
  • Foal age: 5 days; No. meals / day: 10; milk powder / meal (g): 125; reconstituted milk / meal (ml): 1125; reconstituted milk / day (liters): 11.25
  • Foal age: 6 days; No. meals / day: 10; milk powder / meal (g): 130; reconstituted milk / meal (ml): 1170; reconstituted milk / day (liters): 11.7
  • Foal age: 7 days; No. meals / day: 10; milk powder / meal (g): 135; reconstituted milk / meal (ml): 1215; reconstituted milk / day (liters): 12.15
  • Foal age: 2 weeks; No. meals / day: 9; milk powder / meal (g): 180; reconstituted milk / meal (ml): 1620; reconstituted milk / day (liters): 14.6
  • Foal age: 3 weeks; No. meals / day: 8; milk powder / meal (g): 220; reconstituted milk / meal (ml): 1980; reconstituted milk / day (liters): 15.84
  • Foal age: 4-5 weeks; No. meals / day: 6; milk powder / meal (g): 300; reconstituted milk / meal (ml): 2700; reconstituted milk / day (liters): 16.2
  • Foal age: 6-8 weeks; No. meals / day: 6; milk powder / meal (g): 350; reconstituted milk / meal (ml): 3150; reconstituted milk / day (liters): 18.9
  • Foal age: 9-12 weeks; No. meals / day: 6; milk powder / meal (g): 400; reconstituted milk / meal (ml): 3600; reconstituted milk / day (liters): 21.6
  • Foal age: 13-14 weeks; No. meals / day: 6; milk powder / meal (g): 425; reconstituted milk / meal (ml): 3825; reconstituted milk / day (liters): 22.95.

In the first day of life, the intake of nanut may vary according to the possible intake of colostrum.