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Muscle XL

Horse Victory

Muscle XL

75.000 KD

SKU MU-S-H-03941

For muscle enhancement, muscle building and top performances. For use with sports horses and inspections. Also for big young horses and foals with a difficult start.

Muscle XL is currently the most powerful supplement used to build and strengthen muscles in order to deliver top performance. Muscle XL is enriched with powerful ATP which supplies energy to muscle cells directly during competitions. In addition, this top product contains very high concentrations of whey protein, amino acids and all the essential nutrients to support and strengthen muscles. Muscle XL is used to prepare horses for inspections, increase weight and strength of skinny horses and strengthen weak horses (usually bigger horses), in order to reduce the strain on tendons and ligaments. Muscle XL is frequently used as a curative course of treatment in addition to its use as a supplement before – and during – the days of competition, when 2-3 dosages are administered. With longterm usage you can expect the predictable anabolic effect.


  • Pot: net weight 2.4 kg

Medication instructions

  • per horse, once per day, add 40 gm using a measuring spoon and mix with fodder
  • 60 days treatment course