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Little Lady
Little Lady
Little Lady
Little Lady
Little Lady


Little Lady

99.000 KD

SKU LI-5N-H-G-03781
52 GPA (51 cm)
53 GPA (52 cm)
54 GPA (53 cm)
55 GPA (54 cm)
56 GPA (55 cm)
57 GPA (56 cm)
58 GPA (57 cm)
59 GPA (58 cm)
60 GPA (59 cm)

Little Lady ! A growing family !
We are glad to introduce you the little sister of our First Lady helmet ! She makes our team proud.
She follows the footsteps of her older sister, the very first helmet especially designed for ladies, inspired from feminine hats.
This new model is dedicated to women riders satisfaction. This little marvel, light, comfortable et very elegant is available in black and navy, from 52 to 60.