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Lacta Sport Performance

Horse Victory

Lacta Sport Performance

48.000 KD

SKU LA-S-H-04769

The nutritional supplement to optimize energy processing and support muscle metabolism. Among other, Lacta Sport Performance contains DMG (dimethyl glycine, which enhances the absorption of oxygen in the blood. Other natural substances in the body increase energy supply, reducing fatigue and production of lactic acid. The use of Lacta Sport Performance is recommended to support extreme physical exertion. The recommended dosage is to administer 30 gm the evening before, and 30 gm three-four hours before a competition. Many top equestrians regard Lacta Sport Performance as indispensable for competitions lasting several days. As a result of the enhanced absorption of oxygen and reduced production of lactic acid, horses perform better and the onset of fatigue is delayed. In addition, Lacta Sport Performance is often used during extended transportation of horses. Horses arrive fresh and supple at their destination, markedly improving their subsequent performance. For horses suffering from extreme lactic acidosis, we administer a course of Lacta Sport Performance lasting 15 days(30 gm per day).


  • Pot: net weight 450 gm

Medication instructions

  • The recommended dosage is to add 30 gm using a measuring spoon, mixed with the fodder the evening before, and repeat this 30 gm dosage three-four hours before a competition
  • treatment course lasting 15 days