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Joint Care Sport

Horse Victory

Joint Care Sport

75.000 KD

SKU JO-S-H-05044

Use this preventively and for slight physical complaints. Provides maintenance and recovery of the entire body.

Joint Care Sport is the only nutritional supplement that contains Collagen type 2 in combination with Glucosamine and Chondroitin. This Collagen type 2 is the main ingredient of cartilage. Supplementary high value Collagen type 2 promotes the healing of damaged cartilage. Joint Care is also forti ed with Hyaluronic acid. Hyaluronic acid is produced in the body by cartilage to optimize lubrication within the joints. In addition, Joint Care contains MSM and herbs such as Myristic acid and Boswellia, which have a powerful anti-inflammatory and analgesic action. The latter ingredients in combination with antioxidants, minerals and the required vitamins, make Joint Care Sport an essential supplement to be available in every professional stable. Most top equestrians will feel a marked improvement in their horse’s movements within two weeks. Joint Care Sport is currently one of the most powerful treatments on the international market for every sport horse.


  • Pot: nett weight 3 kg
  • 30 gm per horse per day

Medication instructions

  • per horse, once per day, add 30 gm using a measuring spoon and mixed with fodder
  • 3 kg: treatment course for 100 days