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5.500 KD


IronXcell is a complementary feed, which is suitable for feeding to all performance horses. It is formulated on a Sorbitol base, which improves the absorption of B Vitamins. B Complex Vitamins and Iron are needed for Red Blood Cell formation and important metabolic functions relating to exercise.

The product is particularly useful for:

  • Horses engaged in high-level training and competition.
  • As a nutritional adjunct for horses with low Red Blood Cell Levels.
  • As a general tonic.
  • For shy feeders.
  • As a nutritional adjunct for horses recovering from illness.

Instructions for Proper Use:

  • Horses: Add 60 ml per day to the normal feed ration.
  • Foals, Yearlings, and Ponies: Add 30 ml per day to the normal feed ration.