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Harmony Cartwheel SW Snaffle


Harmony Cartwheel SW Snaffle

78.000 KD

SKU HA-1-B-P-02280
The Poponcini Harmony mouthpiece is made from very lightweight, soft and flexible plastic, allowing rein aids to be given in a very subtle manner. The ledges at the outside of the mouthpiece prevent rubbing and help to prevent the bit being pulled through the horse's mouth. An inner steel cable runs through the mouthpiece, which is then covered in soft plastic and covered with non-toxic silicone for maximum comfort.

This bit is often suitable for horses that struggle to accept a conventional metal bit, and those with light or sensitive mouths that can nevertheless become strong and need a little extra control. The soft, elastic nature of the mouthpiece dissuades the horse from pulling and fighting the contact, as it is so gentle there is little for the horse to object to.