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Linea Unika


7.500 KD

SKU GA-S-L-05476


Description: Gastrok i s a vegetable charcoal and liquorice-based paste complementary feed. It can be useful to sustain horses’ gastric well-being, especially during transports, when their stomachs need particular care and protection. 

When to use Gastrok:

Gastrok can be useful:

  • To maintain gastric physiological conditions
  • In case of abdominal gas

  • In case of loss of appetite

  • Before transports, to keep the stomach busy digesting a liquorice-based gel

  • In case of dull and bristly coat

  • In case the horse's diet is rich in starches

Properties of its constituents: Vegetable charcoal has been used since time immemorial to reduce intestinal gases and solve disorders related to such gases (49). The extract of liquorice was well-known for its beneficial effects even in Ancient Greece pharmacopoeia and its role in counteracting gastric disorders has been acknowledged by phytotherapy literature (50,51).

Instructions for use: Use one syringe of Gastrok per day for 12-15 consecutive days. If you are planning a long transport, use one syringe of Gastrok per day during the 5 days before departure. Use one syringe of Gastrok 2 hours before leaving for a transport.


Since each horse’s body has its own peculiarities, introducing feeds and complementary feeds in horses’ diets gradually is recommended.