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Feedmark Fibre Block


Feedmark Fibre Block

13.000 KD

SKU FE-1-S-F-05032

Handy, compact and tasty blocks

Ideal for all horses and ponies as an alternative source of forage.

  • Ideal for horses stabled for long periods of time
  • Use as a treat or additional forage snack
  • Low sugar and starch, suitable for those on a restricted grass ration
  • As an alternative fibre source to long forages


Nutrition Information

Feedmark’s Fibre Blocks are made from 50% Alfalfa grass and 50% dust-extracted Oat Straw. One block supplies 1kg of forage, an ideal way of giving your horse an interesting treat whilst still providing fibre. The blocks can be fed dry in a haynet, feed manger or from the floor; alternatively, they can be soaked for those with compromised dentition or to encourage water intake. Fibre Blocks are the perfect boredom breaker for horses on box rest. Being small and compact, makes these blocks a neat and tidy way of transporting forage, ideal for long competitions or when staying away.

      Feeding Guide
      Directions for Use
      Feed dry in a haynet, feed manger or from the floor, or for those with poor dentition feed wet after soaking for up to 1 hour.

      Storage : Store in a cool, dry area away from direct sunlight