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Equiforce B+


Equiforce B+

22.500 KD


EquiForce B+ is composed of B-vitamins (B1, B2, B6, and B12) with MSM and brewer’s yeast. It is to be used during shedding/moulting, in case of fatigue, seniority, hard work, and restitution after a period of decreased resistance.

The supplement usually restores the horse’s energy and B-vitamin levels back to normal in 3-4 weeks.

When horses have extra need for B-vitamins due to decreased resistance, hard work, or simply because of decreased function of the large intestine (very common among senior horses) prolonged supplementation can be beneficial. Because B-vitamins are water soluble surplus B-vitamins cannot be stored by a horse for later use.

Feeding Instructions:

Horses: 40 g (3 scoops)

Ponies: 25-30 g (2 scoops)