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Elyte K+

Linea Unika

Elyte K+

8.000 KD

SKU EL-S-L-05477

Description: Elyte K+ is a ready-to-use electrolyte salts-based paste complementary feed replenishing the salts hoses lose through sweating. Elyte K+ is a ready-to-use syringe, which is essential for all horses facing competitions in which they lose many liquids through sweating.

When to use Elyte K+: Elyte K+ is particularly suitable for horses facing long trips and/or competitions during the summer. It can be use whenever horses are supposed to sweat significantly (competitions, training, trekking ecc.).

Properties of its constituents: Supplementation with electrolyte salts helps replenish the salts hoses lose through sweating. Electrolyte (sodium, potassium, chlorine, calcium) deficiency leads to listlessness, which prevents good competition results.

Instructions for use: Use a whole Elyte K+ syringe when required, during competitions or for post-competition recovery.

Since each horse’s body has its own peculiarities, introducing feeds and complementary feeds in horses’ diets gradually is recommended.