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A touch of Summer kids
A touch of Summer kids
A touch of Summer kids
A touch of Summer kids

Hauke Schmidt

A touch of Summer kids

12.000 KD

SKU AT-4B-T-06225
Navy Blue
  • Light weight summer gloves
  • Excellent fit and great ventilation
  • Machine washable at 30°C

Perfectly prepared for summer!

A touch of Summer gloves are your perfect choice if you are searching for summer gloves. They are light weight and are characterized by their excellent fit and ventilation. This is achieved through the Lycra insert over the knuckle area. Also, the gloves are extremely durable because they are made from the latest generation of synthetic materials.

While they are allrounders, additional ventilation does have one downside: They are not recommended for usage with a double bridle bit (4 reins) because instead of reinforcing the additional areas of stress we opted for material supporting better air circulation