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Linea Unika

Linea Unika is a brand launched in Bologna in 2008 and is an exclusive property of Cento Fiori Srl. The factory is based in Ozzano dell’Emilia. With its 900 square meters, Cento Fiori is one of the very few companies mainly dealing with dietary supplements for horses.
At our factory, we manufacture supplements with different textures (powder, gel and liquid) and even horse hygiene and care products for external use.
All Linea Unika’s products are completely manufactured in-house: there is no commercialisation involved. This decision allows us to follow, step by step, every production and packaging phase, according to our quality standards. 
All Linea Unika’s products are especially conceived for sporthorses and are the fruit of our several years’ experience on the competition field. In fact, many products have been conceived  following the suggestions and listening to the specific needs of some well-known riders. Our formulas combine the latest scientific knowledge in terms of nutrition, needs and vitaminology with our vast experience in evaluating the quality of raw materials. Linea Unika aims at bringing scientific innovation to the competition field, in order to meet the needs of both sporthorses and professional riders.
Since its establishment Linea Unika has set for itself several business imperatives:
  • Obtaining the manufacturing authorisation, which is the essential requirement to cut down costs and place on the market innovative products, both conceived and manufactured in-house;
  • Conceiving complementary feeds based on the latest scientific researches; 
  • Manufacturing products containing high concentrations of active ingredients and the smallest amount of excipients possible;
  • Taking part, among others, to high-level show jumping, dressage, eventing and endurance competitions;
  • Testing our products together with the riders and providing support in the fields of nutrition and competition training.

Even if those are its mainstays, Linea Unika’s view is not unchangeable: any advice will be gladly welcomed, for our aim is to be in step with the times and keep up with sporthorses’ high needs, which are not yet fully known. Research is a priority for Linea Unika, which carefully studies the effects of some officinal plants’ active ingredients, moved by the conviction that they can be useful in helping sporthorses endure intense competitive efforts.

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